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 1tym - 2nd Round Album

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PostSubyek: 1tym - 2nd Round Album   1tym - 2nd Round Album Icon_minitimeThu Mar 15, 2012 1:12 pm

1tym - 2nd Round Album 1TYM%2B-%2B2nd%2BRound

01. 악 (Ag) [Evil]
02. 흑과 백 (Heukgwa Baeg) [Black And White] (Interlude)
03. Ready Or Not Yo! (Korean Version) ft. Swi.T
04. 쾌지나 칭칭 (Kwaejina Chingching) [Let's Sing And Dance Together]
05. 구제불능 (Gujebulleung) [Incorrigible]
06. One Love
07. 21세기란게 뭐야 (21 Segirange Mwoya) [What Does 21st Century Mean]
08. 1TYMillenium
09. 향해가 (Hyanghaega) [Headed That Way]
10. 너와 나 우리 영원히 또 하나! (Neowa Na Uri Yeongwonhi Tto Hana!) [You and Me, Us Forever As One!]
11. Ready Or Not Yo! (English Version) ft. Jinusean, Perry

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1tym - 2nd Round Album
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