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 Kim Bum Soo - Vol. 3 Album

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PostSubyek: Kim Bum Soo - Vol. 3 Album   Kim Bum Soo - Vol. 3 Album Icon_minitimeFri Mar 16, 2012 12:12 am

Kim Bum Soo - Vol. 3 Album Kim%2BBum%2BSoo%2B-%2BVol.%2B3

01. 보고싶다 (Bogosipda) [I Want To See]
02. 바보같은 내게 (Babogateun Naege) [Like A Fool To Me]
03. 이젠 (Ijen) [Yet]
04. 사랑해요 (Saranghaeyo) [I Love You]
05. 지겨워 (Jigyeowo) [Tiresome]
06. My Delight
07. 이별 뒤에서 (Ibyeol Dwieseo) [Behind The Breakup]
08. 혼자 (Honja) [Alone]
09. 날 떠나가 (Nal Tteonaga) [Leave Me]
10. The One
11. 잘못된 이별 (Jalmotdoen Ibyeor) [Wrong Breakup]
12. 나 없이 행복할 널 위해 (Na Eobsi Haengbokhal Neol Wihae) [You'll Be Happier Without Me]
13. 일기 (Ilgi) [Diary]
14. 눈 속의 너 (Nun Sogui Neo) [You In The Snow]
15. Hello Good-Bye Hello

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Kim Bum Soo - Vol. 3 Album
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