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 Se7en - 24/Se7en Album

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PostSubyek: Se7en - 24/Se7en Album   Se7en - 24/Se7en Album Icon_minitimeSat Mar 24, 2012 9:38 pm

Se7en - 24/Se7en Album 24-7%2Bse7en

01. Intro (24/7)
02. 난 알아요 (Nan Arayo) [I Know] ft. Teddy
03. Love Story ft. Masta Wu
04. 와줘 Part 2 (Wajwo Part 2) [Come Back Part 2]
05. Oh-No! ft. Teddy
06. Interlude (Heaven)
07. 밤새도록 (Bamsaedorog) [All Night]
08. 살고 싶어서 (Salgo Sipeoseo) [Because I Want To Live]
09. The One
10. 벌레 (Beolle) [Bug] ft. Jinu
11. 내 입 좀 막아줘 (Nae Ip Jom Magajwo) [Close My Mouth] ft. Perry
12. Interlude (Follow Me)
13. Baby U
14. Run ft. G-Dragon & TaeYang
15. 얼음 같은 이별 (Eoreum Gateun Ibyeor) [Ice Cold Departure]
16. 그 남자처럼 (Geu Namjacheoreom) [Just Like Him]
17. Outro (7 Virus)

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Se7en - 24/Se7en Album
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