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 Tokyo Train Girls 2: Supervixen (2009)

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Tokyo Train Girls 2: Supervixen (2009)  Empty
PostSubyek: Tokyo Train Girls 2: Supervixen (2009)    Tokyo Train Girls 2: Supervixen (2009)  Icon_minitimeTue Mar 27, 2012 9:53 am

Tokyo Train Girls 2: Supervixen (2009)  Tokyo%2BTrain%2BGirls%2B2%2BSupervixen%2B%25282009%2529

Directed: Tadashi Kyouya
Genre: Drama, Erotic
Runtime: 115 Minutes
Country: Japanese
Language: Japanese
Cast: Risa Kasumi | Minori Majokoro | Kyosuke Sasaki | Makoto Tanaka | Rei Misaki

Two years into a marriage with the heir of a wealthy family, Ayumi is already feeling distant from her husband. The reason is her coercion into nightly perverted activities by the sadistic inclinations of her sadistic husband. In addition, the same man on her commute to finishing school frequently molests her. The man ultimately shows up at Ayumi's house and rapes her. She realizes it has all been captured on camera and the man that raped her was hired to do so by her husband.

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Tokyo Train Girls 2: Supervixen (2009)
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Tokyo Train Girls 2: Supervixen (2009)
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