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 Se7en - Just Listen Album

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PostSubyek: Se7en - Just Listen Album    Se7en - Just Listen Album  Icon_minitimeThu Mar 22, 2012 12:39 pm

Se7en - Just Listen Album  Se7en%2Bjust%2Blisten

1. Intro (featuring Perry & G-Dragon)
2. Just
3. 와줘 (Wa Chweo, Come Back to Me)
4. 한번 (Han Bon Dan Han Bon, Once)
5. One To Ten
6. 아쉬운 이별 (featuring Wheesung) (Ah Shwi Oon Ee Pyol, Sad Parting)
7. Seven (interlude)
8. 우연히 널 봐도 (Oo Yon Hi Neol Pwa Doh, If I Happen to See You Again)
9. Luz Control (featuring Wheesung & Lexy)
10. Baby I Like You Like That
11. 꽃을 들고서 (Got Seul Deul Ko Seo, Holding Flowers)
12. 안녕 (featuring Gummy) (Ahnnyong, Goodbye)
13. 더 멀리 떠나요 (Toh Mol Ri Doh Na Yo, Leave Me Far Away)
14. 너이길 바래 (Neo Ee Gil Pa Rae, I Hope It's You)

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Se7en - Just Listen Album
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